Island provides you with the best possible experience and service when being at restaurants and bars. With this new innovative and interactive coaster, we make sure beers will never get warm and coffees will never get cold again. Furthermore, the best possible service for the customers will be provided.

For your service.


Coasters are essentially islands on tables, acting as a barrier between drink container and surface. Their whole existence, thus far, has been performing the mundane task of preventing surface damage to the table. But we believe coasters can be so much more than a simple placemat. Especially in this age of mass technological advancement, it’s only logical to tweak a trusted item to boost productivity and customer relations. 


The purpose of Island is to help you as bars and restaurants to become more productive and desirable through the most common and simplest item in their business. Whilst creating an aura of class, sophistication and an overwhelming sense of customer satisfaction. 


Our coaster has got the following various features.


Through a heating system inside the bottom of the coaster, drinks can warm up.


Through a button on the cooler, the waiters from the restaurant or bar can be called. 


Through a cooling system inside the bottom of the coaster, drinks can cool down.


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